Masai-spear and headdress


The spears used by the Masai / Nandi are of four basic types, based on the status of the bearer.
According to authors Spring and Leakey (FN), the uncircumcised or uninitiated boys of the tribe carry a short spear made entirely of iron.
This spear, called "esururu", "ngotit" or "icengi", has a round or oval blade, and a square butt end.
The blade of all Masai / Nandi spears is made of untempered steel and often bends during use.
The warriors, or "moran", carry three distinctly different types of spears.
The senior warriors are said to carry one of two types of spears,

either the leaf bladed type, or one called the "eremet sero". This latter blade is similar to that carried by junior warriors, except that either its central wooden shaft is made of a black ebony wood, or its blade is unpolished. Less senior and junior warriors carried the traditional long narrow spears, of varying lenght.
When Nandi warriors carry a spear painted white, the spear is intendet to be used in warfare.